Improve your purchase decisions with a powerful Cost Price List Tool

Visualise the cost impact to quickly understand key drivers with the Cost Price List Tool

  • Understand the cost price change of the whole cost price list in a beautiful waterfall chart
  • Find key drivers that increase or decrease your cost prices and develop countermeasures
  • See the impact that new items or removed items (such as “end of life” items) have on you cost price analysis.

Find cost drivers on item level and negotiate lower cost increases

  • Dive deeper in the cost price list on item level by sorting by absolute or percentage change
  • See the impact on the overall price list

Monitor the changes of cost prices on item level from your suppliers

  • Select individual items and monitor the changes of cost prices from your suppliers
  • Develop strategies to purchase items on favourable cost prices

Compare the cost price effect of multiple price lists to each other

  • Manage multiple price lists from your suppliers
  • Define the analysis period, e.g. on monthly, quarter, fiscal year or custom period