Boost your B2B sales negotiations to the next level, with the negobase negotiation tool

Digitize your negotiations; from planning, implementation to constant optimization and skill-up of your sales team

  • Invite your negotiating partners at any time to the digital negobase negotiation room.
  • Plan your negotiations with customers or purchasers across the globe.
  • Create individual negotiation teams by inviting dedicated contacts and stakeholders, leverage persona specific access and permission templates (e.g. negotiators, approver, watcher).
  • Define when your negotiation is successfully completed. Simply select your negotiation period from predefined schedules and negotiation rounds or create your own individual time schedule.

Track and Monitor every single action from your team and negotiation partners at the highest security levels

  • Transparent overview of all negotiation items, terms and actions taken by any user
  • 100% comprehensible. calculations with formula guide
  • Proactive logging of all activities for subsequent analysis.
  • Unlimited, secure cloud archive that securely encrypts your data at rest (hosting on Amazon Web Services).
Comprehensible negotiations100%

Get insights from your data treasure and benefit from industry benchmarking

  • Simply draw conclusions and learnings from previous negotiations through extensive analysis features.
  • Gain a better understanding of action and reaction with the respective partner.
  • Identify term-and  industry-specific benchmarks for optimizing your actual negotiation steps (e.g. marketing allowances, return rights, payment terms).
Your company77%
Best in class89%

Reduce costs and promote a sustainable sales development

  • Conclude negotiations faster and achieve direct impact for your business (time to market).
  • Avoid long travels and expensive stays on site.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint through sustainable cloud use of IT resources.
Travel costs saved78%
CO2 saved69%